Ventilation Tips
Keywords: Ventilation tips

Ventilation increases the amount of outdoor air that comes indoors. It removes stale indoor air and reduces indoor air pollutants. Ventilation also helps limit the build-up of indoor moisture which can contribute to mould growth.

Open windows and doors;
Turn on kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans. Bathroom and kitchen fans remove pollutants directly from the room where they are created; and
Choose new designs. More and more homes now have mechanical systems that bring outdoor air indoors. Some of these systems are energy-efficient and include heat recovery ventilators, so you should look at all of the available options.
Mechanical Ventilation Systems
Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems perform these important tasks:

They bring fresh air indoors;
They vent stale air outside;
They circulate the air throughout the building; and
They control temperature and humidity levels.
Note: Not all HVAC systems are designed to accomplish all of the functions above. Many homes and buildings, particularly older ones, do not have mechanical ventilation systems.

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