Trane Packaged IntelliPak™ Rooftop Systems 20 to 130 tons


IntelliPak is a commercial rooftop air conditioner featuring unique microprocessor controls which afford building owners and contractors the most powerful and flexible package rooftop unit available. These factory-assembled, self-contained units are available in cooling-only or in heating/cooling combination models.

Typical Applications

Large office buildings and commercial/industrial facilities.


Features and Innovations

Industry-leading efficiency, low cost of ownership, built to last!

A highly cost-effective cooling solution for a broad range of applications, IntelliPak I Commercial Packaged Rooftop Units deliver savings year after year — along with Trane durability and performance. IntelliPak I offers the lowest overall installed cost and the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio in the industry on standard product (11 EER and higher). You’ll be assured of accurate, consistent operation, too: IntelliPak I units up to 63 tons are AHRI-certified.

Powerful Microprocessor Controls

Access to unit controls via a Human Interface Panel – standard on the IntelliPak rooftop. This panel provides a high degree of control, superior monitoring capability, and unmatched diagnostic information using a 2 line, 40 character per line, English language display.

Modular Components

IntelliPak’s functionally distributed modular design enable it to grow with the emerging needs of your building or to accommodate system design updates. And with such features as removable, discrete microprocessor boards, servicing IntelliPak is as simple as changing a single problem board, without replacing an entire “motherboard”.

Comprehensive Diagnostics

Virtually every HVAC operating parameter is available for analysis. Up to 54 different diagnostics can be displayed and alarmed. All diagnostic displays are available in clear English, Spanish, or French, and held in memory to diagnose the cause of failures.

3-D Scroll Compressors

  • Simple Design with 70% Fewer Parts: Fewer moving parts, less rotating mass and less internal friction means greater efficiency that reciprocating compressors.
  • Patented 3-D Scroll Compliance: The Trane 3-D Scroll provides important reliability and efficiency benefits. 3-D Scroll allows the orbiting scroll to touch in all three dimensions, forming a complete enclosed compressor chamber which leads to increased efficiency.
  • Low Torque Variation: The 3-D Scroll compressor has a very smooth compression cycle with torque variations that are only 30 percent of that produced by a reciprocating compressor. Scroll compressor imposes very little stress on the motor for greater reliability, low torque variation means reduced noise and vibration.
  • Suction Gas Cooled Motor: Compressor motor efficiency and reliability is further optimized with this design. Cool suction gas keeps the motor cooler for longer life and better efficiency.


eFlex™ Variable Speed Compressors

  • Specially designed: Available on 40-70 ton units, our eFlex™ compressors are paired with fixed speed compressors such that the units are capable of continuous capacity modulation from 15% to 100%.
  • Most efficient in their class: The eFlex™ compressors also include brushless permanent magnet motors designed to operate at higher efficiency along with reducing the compressor motor speed and staging results in significant part load energy savings.


System Control

IntelliPak systems are not add-on aftermarket control products. They are fully integrated, factory-tested systems which may be used as either a stand-alone product, or coupled with a Trane Tracer®, LonTalk® or BACnet Building Management System, which substantially increases the power of IntelliPak.

Every point and diagnostic within IntelliPak is accessible to Tracer. By using a modem, Tracer can inspect IntelliPak’s performance at virtually any remote location, and even call you or your service contractor should a problem ever occur.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is critical to occupant comfort, and it is becoming increasingly important as we move into the 21st century. IAQ is taken very seriously at Trane. All IntelliPak Rooftops provide many features which improve indoor air quality and maximize operating efficiency including hot gas reheat, high efficiency filtration up to MERV14, final filter options, and more.

Traq™ Sensor

Traq Sensor Trane’s Air Quality (Traq™) Ventilation Control system is designed to measure and modulate airflow. The standard rooftop unit dampers are used to modulate return and outside air quantities.

The Traq™ sensor assembly includes the metered orifices, the velocity pressure flow rings, a pressure transducer/calibration solenoid combination and a unit control module called the Ventilation Control Module, or VCM. The VCM monitors and controls the quantity of ventilation (outside) air entering the unit.

Supply Air Tempering

When the supply air temperature falls below the supply air temperature deadband low end, the heating valve is modulated open (or a stage of heat is activated in the case of gas or electric heat units) to maintain the set minimum supply air temperature.

This reduces cold air dumping that occurs when the mixed air temperature is lower than the zone setpoint. This typically occurs during winter months when a cooling load still exists in the space, and the outside air temperature is cool. This case is exaggerated when the percent of outside air is high.

This feature is available on Constant Volume applications with either gas or electric heat, or Variable Air Volume applications with hydronic heat.

Double Wall Construction

Taking the insulation out of the airstream means the unit is less likely to breed unwanted germs that might lead to a “sick” building.

Pitched Drain Pans

The pitched drain pan design assures positive drainage of condensate from the unit. Also, drain pan construction of optional stainless steel material is available.

High Efficiency Filters

  • 90-95 Percent Bag Filter (with prefilter): Glass fiber extended media bag filter is mounted in a galvanized steel frame. 90-95 percent dust spot efficiency.
  • 90-95 Percent Cartridge Filter (with prefilter): These twelve-inch deep cartridge filters are mounted in a galvanized steel frame. They are Class 1 listed by Underwriters Laboratories and have a 90-95 percent dust spot efficiency per ASHRAE 52-76.
  • Special HEPA and Charcoal filters
  • Final Filters available with cooling only units
  • Option for differential pressure gauge on both Pre- and Final Filters


Factory Run Test

An exhaustive run-test of the assembled unit is performed on every Trane IntelliPak rooftop to assure reliable operation and quick unit installation.

Installation Savings

As a result of all control points being fully integrated into the same intelligent controller, any set up or changes to these points can be made via key strokes. Therefore, many manual functions have been eliminated. Some examples of these are:

  • System air balancing
    Pressure setpoint changes may allow air balancing to occur SIMPLY THROUGH KEY STROKES AT THE HUMAN INTERFACE.
  • Reduction in sensors
    Since all controls are fully integrated, one sensor may support multiple applications.
    EXAMPLE: A single zone sensor will support morning warm-up, night setback, and zone reset applications. Without integration, these three applications would require three sensors.
    SAVINGS: Labor and material required to install and wire two additional sensors.


  • 0-100% Economizer: The economizer includes the primary temperature controls necessary to automatically use outdoor air for free cooling. This option includes modulating return and outside air dampers, enthalpy lockout, minimum position control and spring return motor. It is provided with standard low leak outside air dampers with a leakage rate of 2.5 percent of nominal airflow at one inch Water Column static pressure.
  • Comparative Enthalpy: This is used with the fresh air economizer. This system measures outdoor air enthalpy and compares it to a fixed reference enthalpy, which is set through the Human Interface panel.
  • Reference Enthalpy: This is also used with the fresh air economizer. This system measures outdoor air enthalpy and compares it to a fixed reference enthalpy, which is set through the Human Interface panel.


Heating Options

  • Natural Gas Heat: Natural gas heat units available with either two state, limited or full modulation heaters.
  • Two Stage and Limited Modulation: A two pass stainless steel tubular free floating heat exchanger has industrial type burner and combustion blower. Limited modulation heaters have a minimum turn down ratio of 3 to 1. Two stage heaters offered with high or low fire. Full Modulation Gas Heaters constructed from grades of stainless steel suitable for condensing situations. Heaters have a turn down ratio of at least 4 to 1. All heaters offered in a variety of heating capacities.
  • Electric Heat: Rooftops with electric heat have nickel-chromium electric heating elements in individually fused circuits of 48 amps or less and with all necessary safeties. A full range of sizing options.
  • Steam Heat: ARI certified type NS coil with non-freeze steam distribution. Coils are pitched for drainage and are provided with steam modulation valve with actuator. High and low heat options are available.
  • Hot Water Heat: ARI certified type W coil mounted for drainage and provided with hot water modulating valve with actuator. High and low heat options are available.

Supply Fan Options

Trane offers two types of supply fans as options for 20-89 ton units. These units may be ordered with a traditional belt-driven, forward-curved (FC) fan or with a eDrive™ direct-drive plenum (DDP) fan. The DDP fans offer multiple width options to optimize fan efficiency for the system design point.


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