Trane Packaged IntelliPak™ II Rooftop Systems 90 to 162 tons


Standard Features


  • 90 to 162 ton industrial/ commercial packaged rooftops and air handlers
  • HFC Refrigerant
  • ASHRAE 90.1 – 2010 Efficiency Compliant
  • IBC (International Building Code) Seismic compliance
  • UL and CSA approval on standard options



  • Fully integrated, factory installed/ commissioned microelectronic controls
  • Unit mounted Human Interface Panel with a 2 line x 40 character English display and a 16 function keypad that includes Custom, Diagnostics, and Service Test mode menu keys.
  • Low Charge indication and lockout
  • Superheat monitoring and indication on each circuit
  • CV or VAV control
  • Daytime Warm-up (Occupied mode) on VAV models and Morning Warm-up operation on all units with heating options
  • Low ambient compressor lockout control on units with economizers
  • Frostat™ coil frost protection on all units
  • Supply air static over-pressurization protection on units with inlet guide vanes and VFD’s.
  • Supply airflow proving
  • Exhaust/return airflow proving on units with exhaust or return fan options
  • Supply air tempering control
  • Supply air heating control on VAV units with heat: modulating gas, electric, steam and hot water
  • Emergency stop input
  • Mappable sensors and setpoint sources
  • Occupied/Unoccupied switching
  • Timed override activation



  • Scroll compressors
  • Compressor lead/lag for run- time equalization
  • Intertwined evaporator coil circuiting for full face area operation at part load conditions
  • Liquid and Discharge Service Valves



  • Solid double wall construction with foam injected insulation throughout air handler section
  • Single point latching, hinged access doors on control panel, filter, supply and exhaust/return fan section as well as gas heat section
  • Flexible downflow and horizontal discharge/return paths
  • Double sloped galvanized drain pans
  • Extended casing, cooling only models
  • Pitched roof over air handler section
  • Heavy-gauge, continuous construction base rails
  • Meets salt spray testing in accordance to ASTM B117 Standard



  • Airfoil supply fan—standard and low CFM
  • Totally enclosed condenser fan motors (TEFC)
  • Stainless steel flue stack on gas heat units
  • Two-inch spring fan isolation
  • Two-inch high efficiency throwaway filters


Optional Features


  • Demand control ventilation (energy saving CO2 economizer control)
  • Twinning of up to four units for applications on common supply and return ducts
  • Variable frequency drive (VFD) control of supply/exhaust/return fan motor
  • Inlet guide vanes on airfoil supply fans (VAV only)
  • Choose from three economizer control options: comparative enthalpy, reference enthalpy, dry bulb control
  • LonTalk® Communication Interface module
  • Generic BAS interfaces—0-5 VDC, and 0-10 VDC
  • Remote Human Interface Panel (controls up to 4 units)
  • Five ventilation override sequences
  • High duct temperature thermostats



  • High Capacity Evaporator Coils
  • Hot gas bypass to the evaporator inlet
  • Suction service valves
  • Replaceable core filter driers
  • Copper condenser coils



  • Blank Section Options
  • Four foot blank—cooling only
  • Eight foot blank—cooling and heating
  • Two-piece construction
  • Single Point access doors on both sides of the unit
  • Double sloped stainless steel drain pans
  • Belt guards for supply and exhaust/return fans
  • Burglar Bars on select configured units



  • Airfoil plenum return fan—standard and low CFM
  • Modulating plenum return fan with Statitrac™ direct space sensing building pressurization control
  • Forward curved exhaust fan—standard and low CFM
  • 100 percent modulating exhaust
  • 100 percent modulating exhaust with Statitrac™ direct space sensing building pressurization control
  • Outside air CFM compensation on VAV units with IGV (or VFD) and economizer
  • The Trane air quality (Traq™) fresh air measurement damper system
  • 0-100 percent modulating fresh air economizer
  • 0-25 percent motorized fresh air damper
  • Low and ultra low leak dampers



Pre-Evaporator Coil Filter Options

  • Filter rack only (no filters)
  • Two-inch Throwaway filters
  • 90-95 percent bag filters
  • 90-95 percent cartridge filters


Final Filters

  • Bag filters
  • Standard and high temperature cartridge filters
  • Standard and high temperature HEPA filters


Heat Options

  • Electric, gas, steam or hot water


Gas Heat Options:

  • 10:1 Modulating Gas Heat 850 MBH
  • 20:1 Modulating Gas Heat 1100, 1800, and 2500 MBH
  • 10 year limited warranty on Modulating Gas Heat



  • Unit Withstand Rating of 65000 Amp (480V) and 25000 Amp (600V)
  • High efficiency totally enclosed fan-cooled supply and exhaust/return fan motors
  • Standard efficiency supply and exhaust/return fan motors
  • Marine lights in serviceable compartments
  • Electrical convenience outlet
  • Through the door non-fused disconnect with external handle

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