Superior Radiant

Single Stage, Low Intensity gas fired infrared tube heaters are available with ranging Btu/Hr rates and tube lengths dependent on Series. All Series are available in NG or LPG and use 100% efficient SRP Reflector. Each Series have unique burner designs to fit various applications.

Model UA Heavy duty industrial/commercial infrared heater featuring the best overall performance in the industry. 40 MBH to 220 MBH rates available with 100% efficient reflector. Proven to be most efficient low intensity heater available in North America with up to 65%* radiant factor. *Independent lab tested: EN416-2 Standard
Model UX
Enclosed burner design further enhances all of the great features of the UA for hard service applications. Post-purge function and optional 10 year tube warranty.
Model UXR
Includes all of the features in a Model UX plus….. the burner box is sealed for rugged, harsh environments and heat-treated aluminized is standard tube supplied. CSA approved for outdoor use.
Model UAB Low intensity gas fired infrared heater – 40,000-205,000 Btu/Hr – lengths 10′ to 70′ – NG or LPG. Competitively priced and packaged to maximize configurations while minimizing inventory.