New Boiler Regulations

It’s been one of those weeks around my house. So much to do, so little time. All compounded by our old hot water heater giving up the ghost and soaking our basement. And, of course, because it was one of those weeks, one of the connections to the new one was leaking too, so we had to have yet another service call.

Because it was a small trickle, they booked us an appointment for two days after we noticed the problem, meaning the repair guy showed up yesterday. He soldered up the hole in the connector, and the basement is drying out again. At that point, I expected that we could finally put the whole soggy mess behind us.

But, it wasn’t that easy. We happen to have an old boiler that’s still trucking along and doing an excellent job of heating our house. But, we were unaware of new carbon monoxide regulations – effective yesterday! – that required us to have a carbon monoxide test done, a carbon monoxide detector in our sleeping area – ours was in the basement, near the boiler – and more ventilation to the unfinished portion of our wee basement, which required removing a door between the spaces. (Read more about the regulations here).

We were lucky, we passed the test, and removing the door was a quick fix (armed with pliers cause our hammer is MIA), as was moving the plug-in carbon monoxide detector upstairs. So we got our pass tag, and, other than the inspection fee, the whole thing was pretty painless. Here’s hoping that once we get our annual cleaning out of the way, we’ll be done with service calls for a while!

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