Money Saving Heating & Furnace Tips

Sky-high energy bills, diminishing resources and a healthy concern for our environment have brought a great deal of attention to the topic of home energy efficiency in recent years. Homeowners everywhere are struggling to spend less, use less and pollute less without giving up the warmth and comfort they’ve grown to cherish. So here are a few tips for conserving energy during the winter months.

  1. Make certain you set your thermostat to a level you are comfortable with. We recommend setting your thermostat from 68 to 70 degrees. Once you have the thermostat set and you are content with the comfort level we also recommend that you leave it there. It takes less energy to heat air 3-4 degrees than it does to heat air 6-8 degrees. This will also help save on your heating bills. Washington DC winters can be cold so set that thermostat and leave it to save money!
  2. We recommend that you make certain, you clean or replace filters on furnace once a month.
  3. Make certain that any clean warm-air registers, baseboard heaters, and radiators; are not being blocked by furniture, carpeting, or drapes. In other words try to maintain your vents ability to flow warm air freely.
  4. You should consider placing heat-resistant radiator reflectors between any exterior walls and the radiators.
  5. Although fans may help you save money in on your air conditioning bill in the spring and summer, we recommend that you use kitchen, bath, and other ventilating fans wisely. These fans can pull out a houseful of warmed in no time. Make certain that you turn them off as soon as they have done their job.
  6. Consider keeping draperies or shades open on the south of your home and facing windows during the winter or cold months to allow sunlight to enter your home. You should also close them at night to reduce the cold.
  7. Make certain that you purchase energy-efficient equipment if you are replacing any of the appliances or the furnaces in your home. Magnolia technicians are trained on repair, maintenance and installation of all major energy efficient brands and are also an authorized re-seller of most major well known brands.
  8. So that you don’t waste your hard earned money you should always before calling a Magnolia Technician check these three items to make certain you need a technician:

Make certain you check your thermostat to verify that it is set for “heating”.

Go to your breaker box and make certain that the breaker is on.

You’ll want to check your furnaces switch to make certain that your gas is on.

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    Jcj mechanical did an outstanding with repairing our Furnace. I would highly recommend them

    Friday December 09 at 10:30 am

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