How to keep you Central Air Conditioner working and in good condition

Winter is now over and you need to get your central air conditioning ready for the summer. The temperature will begin rising now and you need to make sure its can properly cool your home during this hot season.

Central air conditioners are usually built into most conventional homes during initial construction. These are made up of an evaporator coil (situated in the furnace), a condenser unit (on a small slab or cinder blocks outside the home), and the ductwork (the air distribution system).

Unless you are a qualified central air conditioning technician, leave this difficult and time consuming task to the experts, although there are still some things you can do to maintain it.

■Change the filter at least twice yearly. A clean filter will allow your central air conditioner to run more efficiently. Some manufacturers recommend it be changed once every couple of months depending on its usage.

■Give it a rest. If you are away from home, turn it off or allow it to turn on less frequently with a timer, it will save you unmentioned amounts of dollars and extend the life of the central air conditioner

■Keep the vents clear and make certain there is nothing obstructing the flow of air. Remove dust and keep the area clean

■If it isn’t cooling as it should and you have the thermostat set properly and all windows and doors are shut, turn it off, and call a qualified central air conditioning technician.

If you are in need of a qualified technician, go online and look for licensed professionals in your local area, that are qualified to do the job.

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