Furnace Installation

JCJ Mechanical specializes in the installation and repair of high-efficiency boilers, furnaces and hot water heaters in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and Newmarket, heating your home and office space.


Your heating system is comprised of several components:


• Boiler: A boiler is a vessel for heating water that is then piped through the home – either as steam or hot water – to deliver heat to each room. Every heating system that uses radiators or non-electric baseboard units has a boiler.
• Furnace: What a boiler is to a water-based system, a furnace is to an air-based system: the vessel where air is heated. A blower fan pushes the heated air into ducts, which distribute it to the different rooms in the home.
• Burner: Every oil-powered system has a burner. It is a separate component that plugs into the boiler or furnace. As the name suggests, the burner actually burns the heating oil, and the flame heats a “heat exchanger” that is designed to absorb the heat and transfer it efficiently to the water (boiler) or air (furnace).


 Here are a few benefits of today’s furnace’s:

• Less warm/cold air pockets, more consistency in temperature
• Improvement in air quality
• Quieter and safer
• More control in humidity
• Money savings, 50-70% reduction in energy cost ( fan )
• More money saving, 40-50% reduction in natural gas
• Smaller and more space efficient

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