Carrier Centurion 18 – 25 tons

Carrier Centurion 18 – 25 tons

Ultra High Efficiency Single Package
Gas Heating/Electric Cooling Rooftop Units
with Puron® Refrigerant (R410A)
and Novation™ Heat Exchanger Technology
15 to 25 Nominal Tons

48PM units are single-package ultra high efficient electric cooling with gas heating rooftop units with Novation™ Heat Exchanger Technology condenser coils. These units provide ultra high operating efficiencies, ease of maintenance, installability, and reliability. Units come pre-wired and pre-charged with Puron® (R-410A) environmentally sound refrigerant at the factory. Units are fully factory tested.

Performance Features

  • NOVATION Heat Exchanger Technology
  • Puron (R-410A) HFC refrigerant
  • EERs up to 12.0
  • IEER up to 12.4
  • Low sound levels as low as 92 dB
  • Multi-stage capacity control on all models
  • TXV refrigerant metering system on each circuit
  • Cooling operation up to 125° F ambient
  • Foil faced insulation encapsulated throughout entire unit minimizes airborne fibers from the air stream
  • Dedicated compressor compartment for lower sound ratings and no air bypass
  • Internally sloped condensate pan conforms to ASHRAE 62 standard
  • High performance belt drive motor with variable pitch pulleys and quick adjust belt system
  • 2-inch filter standard with 4-inch capabilities
  • ComfortLink™ controls provide:
    • Cooling operation down to 0° F (-17° C) ambient
    • Compressor reverse rotation protection
    • Large visual display – scrolling marquee
    • 3V™ control system and CCN integration capabilities
  • Gas efficiencies up to 82%
  • Rated in accordance with ARI Standard 360 (16 -28 sizes)
  • Tested in accordance with UL Standard 1995 and listed with UL and UL, Canada

Maintenance Features

  • Refrigerant service access valves allows system readings without causing air bypass and incorrect readings
  • Single slab designed evaporator and condenser coils facilitate easy cleaning for maintained high efficiencies
  • Hinged access doors with heavy duty gasketing, quarter-turn latches and door tiebacks
  • Slide-out indoor fan assembly for added service convenience
  • Permanently lubricated evaporator, condenser and gas heat inducer motors

Installation Features

  • Heavy gauge base rail design with built-in rigging capabilities
  • Vertical and horizontal airflow capabilities
  • Thru the bottom and side electrical and gas connection capabilities
  • Single point electrical and gas connections
  • ComfortLink™ intelligent communicating controls with on-board service test capabilities or electro-mechanical controls available

Reliability Features

  • Scroll compressors with crankcase heaters, internal line break overload and high pressure protection
  • High pressure, low pressure/loss of charge, and freeze protection
  • Solid core liquid line filter drier on each circuit
  • Cabinet of Weather Armor pre-painted, galvanized steel coated on each side for maximum protection
  • Condenser motors are internally protected, totally enclosed with shaft down design
  • 24-volt control system with resettable circuit breakers
  • Novation Heat Exchanger Technology Condenser Coils utilize MicroChannel design to provide strength, smaller size, and less refrigerant than other round tube plate fin designs
  • Colored and labeled wiring
  • Reliable Integrated Gas Controller (IGC) provides full on board diagnostics with LED error code designation plus provides energy saving logic of the induced draft motor, fan system, and burners
  • Induced draft combustion system
  • Solid-state electronic direct spark ignition system
  • Redundant gas valve, with 2 stages of heating
  • Stainless steel option includes stainless steel heat exchanger tubes, vestibule plate and collector box

Standard Limited Warranty

  • 10-year aluminized heat exchanger, 15-year with stainless steel heat exchanger
  • 5-year compressor
  • 5-year EnergyX Enthalpy wheel
  • 1-year parts
  • 3-year condenser coil (Novation)
  • Many optional upgrades also available